Monday, March 14, 2011


She whispered her soft breeze of a tiny voice, “Catch me if you can!” and she fluttered away. Springing, bouncing, flying to and fro, she sang on the edges of leaves, and danced between the moss and lichens.

Other nature spirits came to greet her with smiling faces of green, all shimmering aglow together under the canopy of the hemlock trees. “Catch me if you can!” she giggled loudly this time, leaving them behind.

Shooting straight up into the air, high above the tree tops, then plunging downward again, and swooping by the ear of a child, she whistled a tune of delight and tireless enjoyment. “I’m heeeeere…” her itsy voice trailed off into the forest.

Innocent eyes looked up from playing; the boy saw only a long blade of grass move slightly. His eager eyes returned to his task at hand. His young hands folded the paper ever so carefully.

She sneaked up behind him, landing in his brown curly hair, tousling it up with her delicate, transluscent fingers in utter delight. He waved his hand, smacking at his head to kill a mosquito. She swooped away, just in time, laughing and sparkling of sheer happiness.

The final crease in the paper was done. He held the paper airplane up high, while his oversized “Spruce Goose” t-shirt sleeve fell toward his shoulder. He missed his dad. This flight is for Dad, he thought.

The faerie danced in the air, and landed in the middle of the boy’s airplane. She held on tight. He let loose, throwing it forward with gusto. “Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” she cried as sparkles of light flew off of her wings. The boy blinked twice.

She carried the airplane farther than it otherwise would have gone, turned it back toward the boy, and landed it in his hair. She liked his hair. “I caught you!” she said smartly, and then she flew into the bushes, leaving the airplane and the boy behind.

“I did it!” the boy gushed, “I… I made it fly all by myself!” "Humph!" said faerie in disgust. He ran back toward his camp where his mom was cooking supper, "I made it fly!" Mom smiled and said, “Great! I knew you would love it here. This place is so enchanted.”

The boy and his mom sat and ate dinner together, talking about the good times when dad was still alive. “We are making new memories, just the two of us,” mom insisted. The little faerie sat on a single pine needle at the top of the tree, causing it to droop slightly. She sat, staring down. “Humph!” she said, "we shall see about that!”

Faerie giggled. Her plan was instant; she whooshed past the tree limb that hung above their stew, causing a piece of moss to fall into the pot. “Hee hee hee heeeeeee!” she laughed as she glided away… far away… to the next camp where a young girl was reading a book about faeries.

“This will be even more fun!” the faerie chatted to herself with glee, “Catch me if you can!”


  1. Very nice. A radical departure from previous works. I see a new inspiration in your words, a different perspective. Could it be that Washington is rubbing off on you? Very nice.

  2. Hi Sharon, nice story, glad you are doing better and writing.

  3. Hi Sharon, well written. I like the story too. I hope you keep writing.

  4. Thanks everyone, this was a fun one to write! I had no idea how it would turn out when I began with the title alone... LOL