Sunday, March 13, 2011


Freedom to be me...

the journey of experience
washing over me

in joy
in tears
in solitude

with friends
with lovers
with enemies

the experience of the journey
filling my soul

for truth
for justice
for horror

without love would be unfruitful
without learning would be pointless
without error would be fatal

the journey
the experience

to be me...

is all things
good and bad
sweet and salty
sour and bitter

the taste of life eaten well
consumed for nourishment
for fun

to drink of life's pleasures
and spill my soul
in patterns of refreshment
to the world

to be me...

the real me
that people don't see
that people do see

unclothed from society's expectations
the systems' systems
the individual judge
the prying eyes and deaf ear

to live
and let live

the real me
is here
where I find myself

... in true freedom

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