Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Bigfoot/Sasquatch, the PNW hominoid

I wrote this for my nephew's Bigfoot sightings map, based on the BFRO's sighting database... I am happy to say it is now officially published on this Map poster. Enjoy!

Bigfoot, also known in the United States and Canada as Sasquatch, is a very tall, bipedal, gorilla-like creature whose kind has been spotted throughout the Americas for many hundreds of years. Similar hairy hominoids with faces appearing almost human, and of various sizes (7-10 feet), hair color (brown, black, or reddish-brown), weight (600-900 lbs), and behaviors (passive to curious to aggressive), have been seen all over the world. Nearly every region of the planet have names for these short-necked ape-like beings, such as the Yowie in Australia, Almas in Russia/Siberia, Mapinguari or Isnashi in Brazil, the Yeti in southern Asia, Yeren and Xueren in China, “Wild Man,” “Stick Indian,” “Big Elder Brother,” or “Stone Giants” in some Native American Indian cultures, Orang Pendek in Sumatra, plus thousands of other names in thousands of other places exist in both written and oral historical form worldwide. It becomes apparent when mapping the sightings of these hominoid creatures around the globe, that the evidence for their existence is realized as a cultural near-universal phenomenon.

Many times it is a lone hiker in the woods, or someone driving at night, or even groups of people traveling or camping who have had rare sightings of these amazingly elusive creatures. The Bigfoot often appear, and then quickly vanish into the forest, or camouflage themselves in the nearby brush. Many sighting accounts do not get published (although some media-driven accounts turn out to be hoaxes), but ongoing research by investigators, and organizations such as the BFRO (Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization) or the TBRC (Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy) to name two of many, have hundreds of articles and/or databases full of information on sightings and evidence that have been collected. Rarely will physical evidence be found, but among such evidence includes footprints, hair samples, nesting sites, broken and twisted branches high in the trees, recordings of howls and tree-knocking or rock bashing, and photographs or videos.

Some of the common areas where Bigfoot or Sasquatch is seen are in forests and mountains, near waterways (rivers, swamps, lakes, and streams), near granite rock and areas of higher potassium in the water, and especially in the Pacific Northwest area of the country. Washington state has more Bigfoot sightings than any other place in the continental United States, with Skamania county in the south (same county as where Mount St. Helens volcano erupted), and Pierce county (near Mount Rainier, the highest mountain in Washington) taking the lead for sightings, vocalizations, and footprint tracks combined. Many sightings also occur in other areas of the Pacific Northwest, particularly in British Columbia (Canada), as well as Oregon and northern California.

There are now two Sasquatch/Bigfoot sightings maps available:

1) The PNW (Pacific Northwest) states of Washington, Oregon, and California
2) Central states of Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Missouri


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