Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Mr. Chen sat under the money tree wishing for something to do. "I am hungry... Ah," he exclaimed, "I will go fishing!" So he grabbed his bamboo cane pole, sat along the waters edge, crossed his legs, and began his patient hunt for fish.

After some time he caught a fish, cooked it over a smokey fire, and began to eat it, but on his first bite Mr. Chen choked and died. His spirit left, floated up by the top of the money tree, and looked down at his body. "I should not have gone fishing," and so he jumped back into his body and awoke.

As he looked up, his eyes spotted a bird in the money tree. "I am still hungry," he said, and so he killed the bird, cooked it and began to eat it. The first bite of the bird tasted good, and he did not choke, but then the spirit of the bird pecked at his ears and pulled the hairs on his head the rest of the day. "I should not have killed the bird," said Mr. Chen, shaking his sore head.

He finally jumped in the water to flee the bird spirit. Mr. Chen held his breath under the water for a long time, and saw the spirit of the fish he had previously caught, swimming around him, nibbling at his toes, but it did not hurt. "Hhhhmmm..." said Mr. Chen.

He got out of the water and saw that the bird spirit had flown away. He quickly put on a hat in case the bird came back, then picked up his cane pole, sat by the waters edge, crossed his legs, and began to fish. He contemplated the rest of the afternoon that angry fish - even if you choke and die - are better than angry birds.

To this day you will find Mr. Chen, sitting cross-legged under the money tree at the waters edge, and doing nothing but fishing with his cane pole.

Always, always, he will be wearing his hat.


  1. Once upon a time a man went fishing, and because of this . . .
    And because of this . .
    Until finally,
    And every day after that . .
    The end.

    Nice, very nice.

  2. I wrote it on a whim, inspired by the little dude in the pic who sits perpetually fishing on my desk... so it is his story and how he came to be that way. ;) I have a feeling we will be hearing more about Mr. Chen in the future.