Wednesday, October 12, 2011


I am a sun star
Although I have gone by the name
SunStarAngel, for 11 years
Only tonight did I learn its true meaning
What a sun star really is and can do
At least, I never remembered this before
I suddenly realize its amazing synchronicity
In meaning for my life
After so much loss, and PTSD
A broken spirit where a vessel shattered
I survived in only one of the remaining pieces
The main body piece, all the rest gone from me

Trauma, to a spiritual leader, a shaman
Is what causes soul loss, loss of our beingness
Pieces of ourselves that disengage, dissociate
And leave us separated from ourselves and others
A journey of meditation and prayer
Of visions and spirit guides can bring back these pieces
But they come back muted, lacking in growth
So need to be nurtured to develop and catch up
To make the person whole again
But not for me, for I am a sun star
My broken pieces will not be mended
My soul loss will be transformed another way

Shamanism is the only near-universal
Non-organized religion in the world
The abilities people carry through life
Or learn, or develop, or enhance through beliefs
Are innate, from within, originating in our DNA
Shaped by environment, experiences, culture
It is a universal human condition
To have spiritual gifts, to see and know things
Which promotes survival, and life
Life also brings loss, trauma, depression, anxiety, death
Yet new growth brings mobility, like the sun star
This is a lesser known innate ability

Understand the mystery, the science
The sun star is a starfish predator
With arms of 5, 13, even 24, called rays
Rays break off, and fall away forever
Not meant to be reattached
The loss regenerates to new life
New growth, new rays to walk on, to hold on
Self-proclaiming power, and ability
Growth from out of the self like magick
Yet it is designed this way, the self-healer
Doing what most cannot do, or will not try
Loss of soul need not be found, but grown

I am sun star, in the reef of life
In water of emotions deep and blue
Moving faster than other starfish
An invertebrate, seemingly no spine
An echinoderm, unique, largest of them all
Eating even squids, bi-valves, even crabs
Stronger than those with shells
Wiser than those with shields
Faster than those who run to escape
I eat them for dinner, for they are my prey
My grip is fierce, overcoming them
Loss of rays, but growing more than is lost

I am sun star… I choose life and growth
Sun stars are found in the PNW and nearby
Intertidal flats and reefs abound with life
Diversity and hues of color encompass here
Where water and land meet is the seashore
West to water, North to land, the quarters be
The gateway to life and living is in my rays
Reaching out, touching, gripping, crushing, feeding
Where enemies who fight break me loose
And fear and loss are inevitable and synonymous
Fate and free will become fancies of notion
When a sun star foresees what is to come

I am sun star…

Sunday, October 9, 2011


There is a place I go for SAFETY
Where I know everything will be okay
When life knocks me down

There is a place I go for STRENGTH
Where I know I can count on answers
Or even just an ear to listen

There is a place I go for GENTLENESS
Where I know my soul is in good hands
And I can breathe and feel peace

There is a place I go for ACCEPTANCE
Where I know I am honored
And not judged or made unworthy

There is a place I go for FORGIVENESS
Where I know my deeds count
Yet are not the sum of who I am

There is a place I go for LOVE
Where I know I am wanted
And desired beyond words

There is a place I go for ME
Where I know my worth alone
And am happy that I am no longer lonely

There is a place I go….

And that place is part of YOU…

This place is within your heart…

And I am happy to reside here.