Friday, January 27, 2012


I woke up and began a juicing diet for cleansing. It was appropriate to start the morning this way because it felt like a day of new beginnings and fresh perspectives on life. I was to visit my best friend, and then to go visit my other friend for an energy healing and attunement session.

Driving to see my best friend, the clock read 12:12. I knew it was a sign. I always see the 1’s and 2’s in repeating form, together or alone, or sometimes mirrored or reversed. My birthday is on the 21st (July) so I also see 7’s (I was born in ’70 so also see 0’s, or any combination of these numbers), as well as a couple other numbers, synchronistically. Continued driving to my best friend’s house and had a great conversation about knowing the different parts of ourselves, and how these different parts affect us and our thinking. This was relevant, because when I left there I drove to see another friend of mine for the energy healing work. It was time in my life to go to the next level, to attain the Master/Teacher level in Reiki, even though I had broken the mold of the traditional lineage. This was a new day, and it was time to learn things a new way.

My original Reiki Master, from back in the mid-1990’s, had taught Reiki I, II, and III in four parts, separating out the third part into “III” and “Master-Teacher” levels, instead of combining them into one class. At the time I did not mind since I was not interested in teaching energy work or healing techniques to anyone at a master or teacher level, so I skipped the last class, being happy with a Reiki III Practitioner level attainment. However, time, and experience, and becoming ordained (Interfaith) over the years had changed all of this. It was time to move forward into what is in my stars to become… a spiritual teacher and healer.

Energy. It is all about energy. Everything is energy. Everything.

Nothing is exempt.

The universe is made up of the stuff, and energy can sometimes be used in place of the word “spirit,” or even “thoughts,” or “intention,” or “manifestation” because it is all simply energy. All atoms, which permeate the universe, are part of this energy. All chemical reactions require energy. All neurons, firing away in our brains, rely on energy. Cellular function, and gravity, and even sleeping require energy. The Chinese call the “life force” of this energy chi. It is in everything, and is in fact, everything itself. I am energy, you are energy. Without it we would all be dead. Energy truly is the life force.

So as I sat at my friend’s house awaiting my energy attunement, we talked about realizing who we are in life, our true purpose, our reason for being, and our real essence, our real self. We are the reflection of what we think and do, no? No. We are the light, the source itself, as the sun, not the reflection of that light. We are the Energy of the universe itself. Part of it, and yet are it. If we want to find our inner power, we must realize that we are not powerful, no… we are Power itself. We must learn to say I am Power. I am Joy. I am Happiness. I am Success. I am Healing. I am Energy. We are the I AM of being, whole, and complete, and are the universe within, just as we live within the universe. We are not separate from it any more than it is separate from us.

Even those who follow the Bible have heard the verse that says “The kingdom of God is within you…” (Luke 17:20-21). It is something within everyone, no exceptions. It is available to all and does not discriminate.

I am Energy. I am all that is. Through this we co-create. We form miracles. We function completely from out of that place rather than attempting to function some part of ourselves, which is limited.

We discussed how this kind of thinking, and realization of who we really are as I AM should not be limited by lower thinking and labeling, such as the bodies we live in, or the limitations we may have in life, or circumstances that seem to get in the way of our advancement. If we associate ourselves with limited thinking, we ARE limited at that moment, because we believe it to be so. If we think we cannot heal someone with energy because it is too hard, or takes energy outside of ourselves, or may affect us by reducing our own energy, then that kind of thinking is faulty and needs to be replaced with the knowing that the universe is infinite and full of available energy to draw upon, and which we ARE already, within and without. It is neither good nor bad, but labeling it as such, or limiting it in our minds, can alter the course of what could otherwise happen or manifest as a positive power in someone’s favor for healing.

These parts of ourselves, how we see ourselves, is all important. Our power is great because I AM power. We do not gain power, we are power. Our success is imminent because I AM success. We do not gain success, we are success. It goes on and on like this, and how we limit our view of ourselves can alter our destiny, or at least the moment in which we live and breathe. Take a deep breath, and do this three times. It is that easy to decide to do, and when we do it we succeed at that task.

Feeling energy, and working with healing energy to help people with aches, pains, soreness, injuries, or even emotional or mental trauma, all boils down to being energy, and balancing that energy so the body and mind can heal themselves. Tapping into the source, which I AM, is what brings that healing at unmeasured levels. It is all about dancing with that energy to balance it. This is what I learned today.

So today, as I was attuned and accepted my place in the universe as the powerful and joyous and grace-receiving being that I AM, I thanked my friend for opening up within me this beautiful gift that will flow onto others. It was not new information, but it was exactly what I needed to hear and see and feel and know, today, to receive the energy healing for my own soul, so I could move on and teach and help others.

After all, it is the Master/Teacher that I AM that already knows this, and taps into this bountiful healing energy of the universe and overflows it onto and into others.


SunStar Angel

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