Tuesday, January 3, 2012


my precious man
you melt my heart
smiling wide
silly and goofy
and making me laugh
I adore you...

you fill my soul
with giggles
and millions of cute mouse kisses
making my heart glad

pressing faces
cheek to cheek
arms wrapped
around and around
legs intertwined
we rest
we happily invade
each others space

mushy moments
romantic interludes
Eskimo kisses
rubbing noses
we kiss lips
we hug
we sigh
we coo

and sad
we share alike
supportive words
gentle touch
you cry
and I kiss your tears
and taste their saltiness
we just “be”

eyes shut
I kiss your lids
holding you tight
I listen to you breathe
inhale your breath
take in your essence
the beautiful spirit
that is you

we have it all
we love the presence
of each other
and our love

my heart rejoices
when you sing
to me
when you touch
and hold me
and tell me
you love me

thank you for loving me...

I love YOU too!

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