Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Minerva Rewards

Minerva Rewards: It's about time somebody came up with something like this! Brilliant idea. Totally awesome.

I figured I'd try it... meh! why not!?

Friday, February 3, 2012


New Page 1


My bigfoot blog page was so popular that I decided to make the map (that the blog page was about) available to the public for those interested. Details are below. The full text of the map is available below, also found in my April 2011 blog, which you can navigate to on the right at the Blog Archive. -->


The map shows: 
Class A (sighting locations indicated by a RED creature shape) and 
Class B (footprint locations indicated by a BLACK foot shape) localities based on the BFRO database for these sightings. 

Special thanks to Matt Moneymaker at the BFRO for permission to use this information so we could print the maps and make them available on a donation-basis to the public.


GO HERE TO GET YOUR BIGFOOT MAP--> http://www.sunstar-solutions.com/articles2.htm

I wrote the text section for my nephew's Bigfoot sightings map, based on the BFRO's sighting database... I am happy to say it is now officially published on this Map poster. Enjoy!
See the map being made on GIS here: 


And here: 


See/read the FULL TEXT on the map here:


There are now two Sasquatch/Bigfoot sightings maps available:

1) The PNW (Pacific Northwest) states of Washington, Oregon, and California
2) Central states of Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Missouri
GO HERE TO GET YOUR BIGFOOT MAP--> http://www.sunstar-solutions.com/BFmap.htm

See my Bigfoot Map Facebook Page! https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sasquatch-Bigfoot-Sightings-Map/448769308487222

Thursday, February 2, 2012


I call it the universe
Some call it the Universe with a capital “U”
But that might be like calling it God with a capital “G”
When many gods with the small “g” also answer peoples’ prayers around the world
Different cultures and belief systems all with their respective gods
Their respective enculturation
Their individualized ethnocentric beliefs
But my father, a Christian minister, once told me
“All the other gods are false”
Then why do they also answer peoples’ prayers? I wondered…
I never asked him, figuring he could not answer
Yet, Catholics pray to Saints who they feel absolutely answer their prayers
And Hindus ask and also receive answers to their prayers, and receive healings
All over the world this occurs, relatively on par with the success found in
Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Baha’i, other monotheistic religions,
As well as paganism, Wicca, Hinduism, or other polytheistic religions
Or even the wishes and hopes of those who are agnostic, or practice shamanism, or other belief systems
So why is this phenomenon of prayers, fulfilled desires, healings, and other core values
ALL successful across the globe, despite gender, religion, ethnicity, socio-economic status, etc.?
Human beings – we are all one
One race – All sharing the same DNA
It is genetic
It is within us
Even the Bible says “the Kingdom of God is within you”
Not outside, not as an outside god(s) or God, but as a relationship inside our own being-ness
Through our mind and will and soul/spirit
The common denominator is humankind connecting with the divine
What is spirit?
Everything – EVERYTHING – is energy
From the macro to the micro… the fractal of the universe
The universe responds at the atomic level when observed
Belief and faith make this so
And a lack of it absolves it
It responds accordingly
So truth becomes truths, because both sides are “right” because both occur, simultaneously
And the universe is relative to one’s experience
Or rather, the experiences we have are relative to our focus
Although the universe is both dynamic and changing, as well as static and unchanging
Two forces
Change and stasis
Punctuated equilibrium and gradualism in geology or evolution are but two forces of change
Fast and slow change, but change nonetheless
Laws are unchanging and these rule the universe as a different force
Pay attention to the forces at work around you
Every day – take notice
Listen to the wind – does it change or stay constant?
Observe the sun’s output – does it change?
Gravity? Electromagnetic influences? Stars emission of light?
Galaxies being swallowed up by black holes?
The universe expanding and creating space-time as it grows?
How about premonitions, or foresight, prophetic dreams or visions, and intuition?
Some things cannot be changed no matter how hard we try
Consider trying to stop a tsunami by standing in the ocean near the beach and outstretching your arms
Some forces are going to occur no matter what
Some things are known by sages and holy men, and psychics and foretellers
Some things are prophesied (even in Christianity 99% of the publicized “prophecies” are false)
And never occur – why?
What good is a prophecy of an earthquake in a subduction (tectonics) zone? Duh! Merely statistics!
A real prophecy, or foretelling, or premonition, is unchangeable
These are the things considered truly from “God” (or the universe, or the gods, or whatever)
The unchangeable things; even if you try, they cannot be undone
Sometimes part of the story is seen (clairvoyance) or heard (clairaudience) or such
So the outcome may be partially known, and correct within that framework
Although the big picture, in the end, may have a different result down the road
What then?
Everyone can see and know certain things
Our higher consciousness and sub-conscious tells us things we already know
But don’t realize we know
Core Shamanism utilizes these central features within humanity
Across all continents and races and peoples, regardless of beliefs or gender or such
The answers are always within
Meditation can bring the answers out, or even hypnosis
Or even through dreams, or even premonitions or prophecy
Shamanism is the ONLY near-universal religion in the world
It bespeaks of the spiritual gifts people have no matter where they come from
That are common to all people, in varying degrees, but in similar ways
Religion is merely a tool for people to find their inner power
Tarot, or Runes, dowsing, dream interpretation, NLP, psychology, or a host of other things
Are merely TOOLS that aid the person in seeing or knowing at a deeper level
Left brained and right brained ways are equally powerful tools
But used in completely different ways to find the same answers
Intuitive is faster
Methodical can be if done by a computer
The human brain is fine-tuned to the universe
Our brains are super-computers
We are existing simultaneously with 11 (at least) dimensions
According to astrophysicists (or theoretical physicists)
The universe speaks to us in ways we cannot even comprehend yet
And one day, when technology catches up with the human brain
We will know why some people can sense things that others cannot
And find out they were right all along
Only when religion and science agree will we know truths
That are yet to be told, let alone believed
Until that day, people believe superstitions
And even those “work” because we believe them
We are observing that activity,
Which we manifest and co-create in the universe
The universe we live in, and are a part of
The universe within ourselves…