Monday, March 26, 2012


This happened back around 1995, when I was in my 20’s, and still pretty religious, Christian, fairly young in my belief system, and gullible. I was married with kids, and my husband was one of those people that looked like an elf… with mischievousness to go with it! He was also spiritually gifted, and possessed natural gifts to heal people, and just “know” things about people. He was uniquely magical.

One day he was talking to a friend and they agreed that they needed to go to the “underworld” to help someone with something. Now this scared me, because the only so-called “underworld” I had ever heard of was something akin to hell in the middle of the earth, even though I didn’t believe in a literal place inside the earth… but the concept of it was enough to know that it sounded dark, and dangerous. My ignorance preceded my common sense, for when they said that they might go, and that like Rip Van Winkle, they could wake up old, or might “disappear” on the “other side” and not come back, I freaked!

I became very fearful of my husband drumming and going anywhere called the underworld. I sought a friend who understood these things, whom I had seen help spirits/ghosts on the other side, which were stuck, to transition to the light. I will call this man Curtis, for he was courteous to me, and I appreciate his help. He told me, “Do not fear this. Just before you go to sleep tonight pray to God that he will show you this underworld in a dream. I mention to ask for a dream of it because unlike going to the underworld, just dreaming about it is like watching it on TV, because you see it like a screen in front of your eyes, rather than actually being there. It’s safe. You can watch without being harmed.”

So that night I prayed before going to bed, and sure enough, I had a dream. This was what I dreamt…

I was in a ritzy hotel, and was walking down the hallway. Shiny gold lamps hung on the wall, and fancy wallpaper with reds and yellows, with la fleur symbols abounded on its face. Carpet was below my feet. I walked down this hallway, and it was very long, until I noticed that the walls began changing, and slowly morphing into what looked like grey-brown rock. Further and further I went, until I realized I was fully in a cave, mine, or cavern entrance. Then it began descending. Down I went, exploring.

As I continued the path winded and turned, and got steeper and steeper. It opened up to large rooms of many sizes, and I noticed that people were there, everywhere. I could see even though it was dark, as if a dim light were around me, everywhere I went. The people were sad, lonely, and seemed lost, although not all of them appeared that way. Some had purpose in being there, but a few started tagging along with me, and asked if they could follow me. Seeing no harm in it I said yes. We walked further in, and I explored other room.

In a very large room I noticed a river at the bottom. I went to it, and it was swiftly flowing through. Floating on its surface were a few large white Styrofoam-looking ragged blocks, so I stepped into the water, and began to sink. The river was too deep and too fast. I was going under, so I grabbed at whatever I could, and even those white blocks, to get out. I was able to maneuver my way out, and the people were still there waiting beside the river bank for me. They had not gone in. Perhaps they knew better?

I then decided that I had had enough and wanted to go back home. I travelled back the way I came, up and up and up I went, out of the underworld. The people following me were still there, and I had even gotten a few more that decided they wanted to come along to get out. Once I got to the top, where the rock hallway began morphing back into the hotel hallway, I did not look back. I knew the people were there, but I no longer saw them because I did not turn to see.

What I noticed immediately upon returning to the “real” world was that it was bright! Sunlight shone in, and lamps were on in the daytime, and the gold was shiny, the colors bright… ALL of these things were manmade objects. It was so manufactured that it appeared fake, and superficial, and very shallow to me. I was immediately disgusted! The real world felt fake and the energy high-strung and superficial. At least when I had been in the underworld, even though the energy was of a lower vibration, it was dense and REAL, far more real than the “real world.” It felt much better in the underworld, like feeling the heartbeat of the earth. The energy there flowed through strong, yet subtly. The middle world of mankind was terribly depthless, flat, and trivial.

I wanted to go back to the underworld.

I woke up.

I told Curtis what I had dreamed and he said, “Wow, it sounds like you actually went there!” I found that almost comical since he said that when you dream of a place you are not actually there, yet he thought I had been there.

What is interesting is that there are common—universal—features of this underworld that all shamans around the world already know and recognize. The underworld is often entered via a tunnel or hole in the earth or water, even a hollow tree trunk. The tunnels can look like what astrophysicists call “wormholes” in that they are often twisted and ribbed. This traveling is really our minds going deep within ourselves, usually in theta brainwave state, to deeper levels to access information that lies within our very DNA. This ability is absolutely a universal human experience, if practiced. I knew nothing, and actually had a lot of ignorance and fear, yet once put into the mindset of faith, and security through “dreaming” with “God” to show me the “truth” then suddenly the whole (under)world opened up!

Curtis thought that the reason that the lost souls followed me out is because I was a light to them, and gave them hope. They knew I was not from that place, and wanted to move on. Also, that I could see everywhere was possibly an effect of my own light shining around me. It was one theory of his anyway.

I know that rivers are water, and that water is representative (symbolically) of emotion. To this day I do not quite know what the “Styrofoam blocks” were, but they looked like debris in the river of emotion. It flowed in from “somewhere” and out to “somewhere” so had some kind of significance there. I never explored this aspect very deeply.

Anyway, this trip to the underworld was my first experience, and it was a very positive one! I have since learned shamanistic practices, and have “journeyed” to the underworld many, many times, as well as the middle world (you can see alternate realities and the future here), and also the upper world where the spirits and other spirit guides dwell. Depending on what you need/want, you can travel in your mind to any of these places within yourself. They are simply representations of places inside yourself, which according to the Bible, is the kingdom of God, which is within you.

It’s all relative. Shamanism is highly individualistic, and has features found within it that all human spiritual experience around the globe entails. Prophecy, dreaming, foretelling, healing, and a host of other things stem from the same place within ourselves no matter what religion we filter it through. Different words and concepts for the same thing. Our enculturation, and especially ethnocentrism, will color our world, and either expand or limit our perceptions, and especially our beliefs. Religiosity often becomes a shadow rather than opening us up to the light that is really within us.

I see it as true that we are not just human beings having a spiritual experience… we are spiritual beings having a human experience.

Welcome to the underworld… this is where we live all the time, within these bodies… these earthen vessels that contain our spirits of who we really are.

We are vast, great, amazing beings with endless abilities.

Sometimes we have to wake up from the dream and realize who we really are.

I am thankful for my underworld dream… and also for being able to wake up from it, even if this human realm is a bit superficial.


  1. Fabulous Sharon, Thank you for sharing!

    1. Remember the days, and gateway bridges (portals to other realities), etc... ;)

      Hey, I should write about that too!