Saturday, April 28, 2012


Such an ugly word
And deed
So terrible when the love was replaced by sadness
When the stars that once promoted hope in one direction
Were replaced by clouds covering the eyes
From viewing its splendor
And eventually a distance so great none could reach it
It is here I say goodbye
To the dredging of the past
To the living of a dream stolen away
To hoping for things that could not be
Only with time, and yet, really?
No time can prove it out
What is known already in the heart
Except to manifest that very thing
Lest one is a liar
To know the choice in the beginning
Was one of loss
Either by choosing to let go by nipping it in the bud
Or because of a premonition that ripped it apart
Or because of an accident, or sickness, or death
Because the years were 25 apart
But knowing the real answer
Was the premonition of choosing
Choosing to lose that love either early, the easy way
Or late, the hard way
Somehow we always hope for hope
And choose the hard way
But now it is over
And what is done is done
So that it is what it is
And I go forward now as a divorcee
Yet never truly alone
For love finds a way to renew
And the special spirit of grace
Brings new hope
And love transcendent
In my heart…

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