Wednesday, June 20, 2012


I know a caveman who told me something amazing. His name is Obgi (said with a long "o" sound). We all have the genetics in us (except Africans)--up to 4% of our DNA are Neanderthal genes. Obgi has more, much more. He is a genetic throwback from a Neanderthal or ancient human, I believe.

Obgi is a shaman, who knows the ancient ways, and is clairvoyant, and sees the future. At least the potential future. He is very concerned about what is happening in the earth today, i.e., pollution, resources, the environment, population, and health are major issues.

This story is about all of that... and poop... as told to me by Obgi.

I remember he told me this the very first time I met him. I was climbing in the mountains and came across a cave, where a fire pit sat, and a half-burnt log lay smoldering. I looked around and saw nothing, at least until he scared me by coming out of the wall! Actually, he had been there against the cave wall the entire time, but his ability to cloak himself and hide in plain sight was uncanny!

He greeted me with a grunt, and a bird sound, which was a species I did not recognize (not that I am any kind of expert). "I am Obgi." It was simple enough. I told him my name in return. He motioned for me to sit on the ground by his smoking log. He took a hot coal, and dropped it in an earthen pipe that was already filled with an herb, and had me sit and smoke it. He puffed it also. Together we sat, puffing and saying nothing. Only an occasional grunt and smile came from his thick lips.

Obgi's countenance was enthralling. His hair messy, yet was perfect for his face and features. I was both freaked out and amazingly at peace when I sat with Obgi. Even before smoking his strange hallucinagen. Even before I saw spiders crawling up the walls of the cave and turning into butterflies. Even before my shoes magically disappeared, exposing my bare feet that were now bright purple with pink and orange polka dots, little green spirals, and brown wedge-shaped marks on them.

I sat and smoked until all of these things, and more, disappeared. Soon he and I were merely floating on a cloud, completely surrounded by nothing, and everything. I saw the earth below us, and we were wisked away through a tunnel--like a wormhole of sorts--and up into space, still looking back at earth, but from a distance. I saw the problems of all he mentioned, regarding how humans have been treating our home, our only planet of sustenance.

It was then that Obgi said it... so profoundly!

"When more people have a regular poop, the whole world is happier."

He explained that humans are too constipated in their thinking, all bound up with selfishness and greed, witholding generosity and love. They cannot let go because they fear. Everything in life boils down to one of two things... love or fear. Most things are a mix of both, he insisted, and very rare is anything pure, or extreme.

People think that life is like day and night, black and white, with only a little piece of dusk or dawn. In reality, almost everything is actually more like the greys and blues and haze of dusk and dawn, when light is low, and perspectives are offset, and judgments are harder to decipher, but are made far too rashly. Very little is truly all light or darkness, and thank goodness for that since they hold much power, so are dangerous in the wrong hands.

Consuming enough good healthy food to sustain life has been replaced by corporate genericism, mass production, with emphasis on quantity instead of quality. People eat more and are far more susceptible to malnutrition. Cancer is rampant. Heart issues, liver disease, stomach problems, and other health problems are commonplace. Obesity rules. Diabetes follows. I noticed, upon looking down at the earth and its continents and countries, that America, in particular, is one of the worst, and one of the most arrogant, thinking that they are top notch in the world.

Consumerism and greed by an exploding population are only part of the issue... the waste and depletion of natural resources, and the wasting of water (especially in desert areas, where it is already scarce) for unregulated agricultural practices that are known to be inefficient, are all together a huge problem. I won't go into the pollution aspect, for that one made me sick to my stomach just seeing it from space, let alone witnessing it up close.

I looked at Obgi as he furrowed his heavy, serious eyebrows. The lines on his face were accentuated by his sunken cheeks and prominent brow ridge. His dark eyes told a million tales without saying a word. His voice sounded like ancient waters flowing on new spring grass.

If people had regular poops, instead of living a constipated life, all would correct itself. Regular poops feel good. It shows we are eating correctly, healthy. Regular poops are an indicator that what we are consuming is adequate, of high quality, and is not too much so that it binds us up. Regular poops from good quality food do not smell bad like those from eating hormone-filled meats and dairy products, white bread (which Obgi insists is as nutritional as cotton), and sugars as well as their chemical substitutes.

When people have regular poops, it is because they are eating right; they care about what goes in their bodies. They care about where their food comes from, and where things go after being used or consumed. Recycling increases, natural resources are carefully monitored, renewable resources are tapped, and pollution is severely lessened and eventually eliminated.

When more people have regular poops, they are happier, healthier, and feel better. They are able to cope with life's knocks, and the world--like a healthy poop--moves more smoothly.

Obgi is a wise caveman. What he taught me will forever stay with me. I now plan to live happier by having a regular poop, every day for the rest of my life.

Obgi is a Neanderthal hominid. Hominids/hominoids are among us!

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  1. second that motion Johnny! Awesome!

  2. Thanks! hahaha I wrote it, but I can't take the credit for the source of the info... it really did come from Obgi the caveman! :D