Wednesday, August 22, 2012


It is the simple things with you that bring joy to my soul…

Hearing you breathe gently while you sleep,
Seeing your eyes twinkle and sparkle as you smile,
Listening to you sing to me,
Singing along with you,
Receiving a text from you and knowing it will say something nice before I read it,
Watching you carry my bags because you don’t want me to strain my injured back,
Feeling your hand in mine as we walk in the park,
Touching your heart with true compliments I tell you about yourself,
Engaging in philosophical conversations,
Tons of little mouse kisses,
Having you pick on me,
Picking on you back,
The scratchiness of your unshaven face,
“Worshipping” your lips,
Giving you a back rub when you need it most,
Giving you a back rub when you don’t need it,
Feeling your soft fine hair in my hands when I give you a haircut,
Dancing with you,
Traveling to the “writer’s retreat” to “work” in front of our lake view,
Floating-and-spinning in the hot tub,
Skinny dipping and sunbathing,
Passionate and intimate lovemaking,
Falling asleep on skype together,
Walking the “mean streets of _____” and feeling safe with you,
Road trips,
Make-up sex,
Taking walks at the same time “together” despite the miles separating us,
Hearing songs on the radio that you’ve sung to me,
My head lying on your shoulder with your arm around me,
Cooking for you,
Watching you enjoy whatever I feed you,
Seeing you do work you enjoy,
Hearing you keep me accountable,
Holding you after I have not seen you for two weeks,
Hearing “I love you sweetie!”,
Knowing I can count on you… and especially,
Believing in us, our love, our relationship…

For all these things, I am joyful, and thankful!

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