Sunday, September 30, 2012


I have a digital boyfriend.
His face and neck are a circuit board
Laser beams shoot from his bionic eyes
His voice is electronic
And calibrates my trance-like state
Like music playing from Shpongleland…

Touching this digital boyfriend takes skill
Of typing on the keyboard at 70wpm
With emails being so plentiful some never get returned
Awaiting text replies at the speed of satellite
And sexting leaves the body wanting for more than letters on a screen…

Some FB (Facebook) notifications are lost in the ether
And the FB group we met in has been replaced by PMs (private messages)
Such messages are held in the electron cloud
Until released like LED reign
From the cyberspace universe
To our electronic-dependent souls…

I believe in my digital boyfriend
For his words are the texts that ring true to my heart
And his voice bears the blessings that only cell phone airwaves can provide
His smile is as beautiful as the best skype video in existence can provide
And we fall asleep together there…

There is hope on the horizon of the digital landscape
For, one day, as his bionic eyes bore into mine
His laser beams will carry the information
That will overwhelm my senses
And overpower my brain with reality
That the electronic atmosphere of our beingness will be replaced
By a real life experience that requires no screens or buttons or speakers
All in the perfect time…

Until then, in this day and age, we just have to love technology…
And what would we do without it?
Because, God, how I love my digital boyfriend!

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