Thursday, October 11, 2012


Christof Kors picked up his oversized coffee mug and sipped it. He enjoyed the sun shining on him as he peered out at his garden through the dining room window. Mmmmm... the dab of sugar, and milky creamer made his coffee that much more silky and delicious. "All good things come to everyone, no matter who they are," he muttered loudly enough for his dog, Jackson, to hear. But he felt disappointment at the same time. He was not a man of Godly faith, but felt that there could be some kind of satisfaction--as others who are more religious feel--if only he could believe.

Sipping his coffee in silence, and staring blankly at flowers in bloom, he thought deeply for some time on the meaning of life, and the things he wanted and needed, and what that means in the big picture. In the littler picture, he knew he wanted a bicycle.

It was at that very moment that a lightbulb went on in his head, and he looked upwards, threw his hands up at the ceiling, and shouted, "Hallelujah!" Perhaps there was yet hope for a faithless-man-of-faith such as he...

"Jackson, I got it! I know how God works..." His voice was strong. Jackson's ears perked up and his black face turned towards Christof with sweet dark-brown eyes that showed nothing but adoration for his human.

"If everyone is praying and asking for stuff, I figure, what does it hurt to elbow my way to the front of the line and start asking too? Does God really have time to stop and check my credentials? It would seem, by how much and many times I have been blessed in my life, he doesn't fret one minute on a background check before he starts handing out the gifts!"

Suddenly, he felt that good things were to come to even a religious-less man such as Christof Kors! Yay!

It was as if he heard Jackson's response in his head... most people would think of 'good things' being gifts from God, such as love, the gift of friendship, or even wealth and health. Christof wondered if Jackson's thoughts were his own; but being a man of obvious elegant taste and humor, he continued his rant aloud, as if it mattered to the dog.

"Oh my gosh... um no. No dear, no... THAT is not how God works, see? Let me explain by showing you an example!"

He jumped up from his chair. "Let's go for a walk, dear boy!"

Jackson wagged his long black tail as the leash was attached to his collar, eagerly following Christof out the front door and down the street.

Christof took Jackson several blocks away before stopping at the nearby park. He scanned the horizon for anything that would prove his point on how God works. Not just how God works for everyone, mind you, but especially for the pseudo-Christians he knew when he was but a boy growing up in Any-Midwest-Town in the Bible Belt state. Especially the ones who were church-going Christians by Sunday, and lived like sinners the rest of the week. My kind of people, thought he.

Christof was looking for a bicycle.

He would have been inclined to kneel down and pray for God to give him this new bicycle, but his epiphane prohibited him from doing so. He knew how God works, by God!

In a matter of moments, three boys rounded the corner all on their bicycles. Christof watched as their wheels left the sidewalk, rolled across the grass past him, and were dumped by a tree as the boys ran to the nearby playground.

Christof walked with Jackson to the three bikes underneath the oak tree. "A blessing indeed!"

None of the boys noticed Christof sitting upon the blue bicycle, riding away, with Jackson running alongside him.

Upon returning home Christof pulled the bike into the mud room and parked it by the coat rack against the wall. He unleashed Jackson, and they both returned to the giant mug of half-gone and now-cold coffee.

Christof took a sip, and sighed loudly and contentedly when he saw Jackson looking at him wide-eyed, almost expectantly. What was Jackson thinking? Suddenly Christof noticed feelings of guilt creeping into his soul... but Christof knew better... he knew how God really works! "What have I done you ask, dear boy? I've stolen a child's bike, and was even offered three whole choices! I chose the blue, over the red or yellow one, of course!" Without hesitation, he then bowed his head, and prayed aloud. "Please forgive me, God. I will return the bike at once, but if you want me to keep it please make it obvious." With that, he took Jackson and the bike back to the park, but the boys and the other two bicycles were already gone. He knew he would probably never see those boys again. "See, I told you, my dear boy!" Christof returned home. He realized that the bike was now his, indeed. He also knew that God had surely forgiven him for his misdeed, because he had asked. Jackson's big brown eyes peered up as his human as if to say, "So how does God work exactly?" "Jackson, my dear, here's how God works... I wanted a bike, so I set out to ask God for one. All prepped for prayer, I realized, that is not how God works! I Would never get a bicycle that way; so, I went out and stole one... and then asked God for forgiveness!" Christof chuckled as he took another sip of coffee. He admired his beautiful flowers in his garden outside of the dining room window. "You see, dear one, it is not possible to receive the Lord's forgiveness if you don't make some sin!"

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  1. I liked it. Chucked a bit.. Good short story...