Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Charlotte sat straight up in bed with a gasp, still blinking hard from sleep. Her eyes tried to focus on any object in the dark room almost as hard as her mind worked on wrapping itself around the dream that woke her.

The key, she KNEW, was all in belief. Not as much as what she believed, but in the seemingly magical power of belief itself.

She suddenly grasped that the key to the future was somehow all tied up in her faith--or lack thereof--as to how that future would manifest itself. Her thoughts quickly settled on the famous and upcoming December 12, 2012 "sign" as well as the winter solstice in a mere 9 or so weeks.

Charlotte still didn't quite understand how her mind, her subconscious, the quantum world, and space-time itself could work together like this amazing machine it was, in order to bring the elements of fate into reality.

But was it fate? How much was choice? She thought hard about the matter of things from the past. What were the lessons?

Fate cannot be changed, she realized... yet she still wondered about whether doing a 180 degree turn-around once given a premonition would help alleviate what once seemed like a certain future?

What if we choose a different future, she pondered?

Charlotte remembered the premonition she had of three prophetic signs she KNEW would happen once she decided to go on a trip to Sedona, Arizona, many years before. She prepared for these things to occur, and occur they did. But what if she had turned it around, and decided not to go at all? Would these three happenings even occurred at all? Or would they have manifested anyway in a different location? Or would she have subverted their manifestation altogether?

The test had not been tried. She had, the previous year, been faced with a premonition and not listened, and it happened anyway. She did not turn it around as she felt she could have.

Charlotte's test was still before her. Everything about it mattered, she knew. Everything about her belief in what was coming would mark how the 2012 omen would manifest.

Thoughts turned to her old beliefs of fore yonder, when she had built her faith in Biblical numerology, and how it manifested the meaning of the 666. Not 666 traditionally bound up in religious dogma, but how this energy carried through into her life. How the illusion of the world around her brought it into being at some other level.

This 666 was the date that became the turning point in Charlotte's life, but only because BELIEF had made it so! She knew this to be true. Somehow this belief stuff had become personal.

She had been taught as a child that it was the number of the mark of the beast. The number, not of some anti-Christ person, but of mankind itself. The number stood for the evil sins of humankind outside of some concept of what "God" or all-things-good stood for. She remembered as a teenager she had a tangible FEAR of what might happen on the date 06/06/06.

In fact, it was the beginning of the worst years of Charlotte's life.

Somehow, her belief way back then, growing up in a Christian household, had carried over into her adult life, even though her religious beliefs had changed and altered over time. Her fears manifested a reality where all hell broke loose on 06/06/06.

Charlotte could hardly breathe. She understood the implications. Her life started to fall apart on that day, due to the evils of a single male human being who stood for the epitome of all things ungodly. It flowed over into the feminine, and symbols of lions and birds. It was a day of reckoning.

The visions she had before, became. They manifested without her conscious effort.

What would 12/21/12 entail? Traditionally, the date was not unsimilar to the Y2K (Year 2000) belief system. The world was up in arms about that date, and computers that could not being able to turn over due to a short-sighted programming error. Vast amounts of money, training, and fix-it efforts were made all over the country to solve the issue so that computers would not shut down, including the ones that ran the country's electric power grid.

Many people had expected havoc to reach the masses on midnight of December 31st, 1999, bringing in the Y2K second of despair.

Yet a prophet she knew had told Charlotte that Y2K would be a mere bump in the road, and that the real change in the country would come from how the elections were run. Indeed, Y2K simply vanished into history as "just another day" while the Presidential elections were rigged in Florida, and the older generation screamed with fists in the air, while the younger generation felt to merely go with the flow.

Because of this, the twin towers falling due to terrorism on September 11th, 2001 became the new date for unexpected havoc in America. Years later the country would become aware of secret inner workings and otherwise-impossible happenings surrounding the event. Conspiracy was afoot.

9 meant "judgment" and 11 was a "lack" or "disorder and judgement" according to those who believe in patterns found within the Bible. For her, however, 11 had always been a positive number, as well as any repeating number (11:11, 2:22, 3:33, etc.). To her, seeing the 11's meant everything was in perfect order, and was ready for the next thing to occur. Perhaps it meant that everything was going to happen as it was meant to happen, whether positive or negative, and that the process was already happening live. Was it stoppable?

Charlotte knew that the United States and the American Dream would not last forever. Everything had become run by corporations, and she had long been waiting for the day when war would come, and the country would fall apart... yet so far it had not happened in her lifetime. Nor did she want it to. Even nearby countries such as Canada were affected--as unintended consequences--by the 9/11 events. It had affected immigration, and other areas of peoples' lives around the glove.

So what was going to happen soon on 12/12/12 or even 12/21/12?

Charlotte's personal numbers including 1's, 2's, 3's, and 7's. It was all tied up in her life. She had seen the repeating 11's since childhood. Well before the more positive and supposed New Age 11:11 gateway had been "opened." She always felt that the movement was mostly due to peoples' imagination since it had already been part of her reality, outside of their attempts to work it up and raise energy where it had already been raised without effort.

Also, she had seen the 12's (divine government) and 21's (exceeding sinfulness of sin, although to her it had a positive meaning). 3's meant "completion" and 7's meant more "complete completion." 17 meant "victory." So many numbers with so many meanings.

She had already passed her 40th year, which Biblically meant her days of trial and testing were over, and the beginning of the rest of her life was in effect. Her future was supposed to be bright!

Would an awakening occur on December 12th? Would the "end of the world" really happen on December 21st? Images of fate and personal choice suddenly dropped into her lap again as possibilities and consequences that her beliefs in these things would bring about.

Earthquake? Famine? World War III? Citizens being arrested and detained without trial or arraignment due to the Patriot Act? Prison camps on U.S. soil? Nuclear disaster? Mega-tsunamis? Impossible physical pole flips of the earth, or just a magnetic flip?

Or would 12/21/12 just be another day, with a fictitious Zombie Apocalypse joke running amok the following morning, as an affront to when the "end of the world" believers?

It begged the question... would Charlotte, herself, be standing amongst the believers FOR or AGAINST the solstice Mayan prophecies fears? Even the Mayans' descendants did not teach or believe the ethnocentric American BS that was being falsely taught by unsuspecting and gullible believers in this day and age.

So what *would* happen, she questioned?

Was her time up? Would her book be published in time? Would her personal world end? Or would it just be her own world, like if she were arrested and imprisoned and detained indefinitely for some hidden or unknown worry from some belief system she had abandoned years before? Her mind went wild with possibilities.

Or would the number 5 (grace) that was encompassing her life now proceed into her future and bring about the rest of her life in a positive way?

Belief was key, she understood.

Belief was key for everyone, she knew. The dream that awoke her had told her so.

Would everyone else's beliefs strike up a future that was out of her hands? Or would each person's belief system indicate what their own reality would wind up manifesting, independent of the other, or in some kind of shared reality within different groups and a variety of outcomes?

Was Schrodinger's cat in the box going to be alive or dead?

For her, she only knew that the 12's and 21's of December would somehow affect her life. It was foreordained, she figured because it was tied into her personal numbers. Would one be positive, and the other negative? Would they both be positive, or both negative?

What had *really* happened on 11/11/11 as many flowed through that day? To some amazing things happened, while to others it was merely another day of no significance. Nothing negative had been forewarned, to her knowledge. But this upcoming winter solstice was another matter, indeed.

Charlotte realized she needed to define her beliefs regarding the matter, and ELIMINATE ALL FEAR regarding these dates, lest they manifest before her eyes. Was it already too late? Had her prior belief system set into motion a reality that would bring itself into fruition despite her choices now?

Is it too late to dissolve a former belief and create a new one?

It is never too late, she realized. It is never too late. Was this merely hopeful, or was she in denial?

12/12 and 12/21 would just be another day in the passage of time. Nothing significant would happen.

Or would it?

Belief is everything... and everyone's subconscious quantum "vote" counts toward the end of the world, or whether the end of one thing is the beginning of another, or whether it is "just another day."

Belief is everything...

So you decide.

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