Wednesday, December 19, 2012


I grew up without Christmas...

My dad is a non-denominational Christian minister and a writer so did his own research as to why no one can know the real birthday of Jesus, and how the origins of the holiday are pagan (if only he knew my beliefs now, as a cultural anthropologist, are open to most everything at a spiritual level, and closed to religiosity/dogma of any kind), and so we went on vacation for 2 weeks every holiday season instead of having a tree.

As an adult, I see no reason why celebrating any holiday is a bad thing, necessarily, or their traditions, from a cultural and family POV.

However, my "Christmas" this year was to give some cash to my one son for doing a great job in college, and getting a phone card for my daughter's cell phone bill, and going with my eldest son to dinner and a movie. Am giving a copy of my two books to my boyfriend's family, and my boyfriend and myself AGREED ahead that we would NOT give anything to each other.

The holiday is so commercialized, and wasteful of money. Better to give $$$ to charity, or help a family in need.

Nope, no gifts under the tree.
No Christmas for us this year to speak of. It will just be another day.

I rather like it that way. So much easier.
I am happy that there is no Christmas for me!

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