Sunday, March 3, 2013


Sometimes you don’t realize what is important until it is taken away.

Time. Time is important to me. I had lots of it, but have been so scattered in my energies, going this way and that, doing that and this, and staying so busy that all my time is eaten up so that I don’t have enough time after all.

Simple things. Keeping it simple now.

Get one old project out of the way.

Focus on one short-term and one-long term priorities, simultaneously.

That’s it.

Everything else must fall to the wayside, including my books… all the traveling to here and there for meetings or events or seminars.

Canceling them all.

Time to focus.

Time to regroup.

Time management.

Time to have time.

Time to make time for the important things.

It is simply time.

(sigh) now I have time…

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