Sunday, April 28, 2013


Sometimes you have to have a dream, a vision, an image of what you want your future to be like.

Picturing it is a very good way to manifest what you want into being.

Whether it be love...
Whether it be a house...
or a certain lifestyle...
or a family...
a special trip...
or money...

Whatever your heart desires, that is your dream.

You, my dear man, are my dream...

I want you! I love you!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Shamanic journeying for properties by the beach? It sounds weird, but my experience is thus!

You see, real estate investing is fairly new to me (property ownership, building, repairs, landlording, etc. are not), and prices here on the Pacific northwest coast are excruciating--even in a down market--compared to other places. I figured I would have to go inland, to the east side of the Cascade mountains, perhaps to an emerging market in Spokane, WA or the growing Tri-cities area. I even considered the market back in El Paso, TX where I'm from. Yesterday my online searches were tumultuous, and tiring.

I was having a hard time deciding, so I awoke this morning and chose to do a shamanic journey, which is listening to drumming that takes you into a theta brain-wave state, similar to self-hypnosis, and I went to the upper world for the "best and highest use" of myself to request WHERE I should invest in my first property deal.

Here's what I saw in my shamanic vision...

I sat in the water a while and immersed myself in that feeling of being surrounded by that essence... then I moved into the cool earth to go deeper... then I flew up into the sky, into the clouds, and wanted to look down to see the earth's surface as a map, hoping that a pinpoint of light or some indication of "where" would show up. Instead I saw something else.

A moth flying... gentle, with soft off-white wings. Generally bugs and insects are to be avoided (I especially don't like spiders--they mean change, or that a change is coming or needed, even a move--spiders help me so I stay afraid since they have saved my life in the past by biting me (sounds strange, I know)). But bugs are usually not good in shamanic visioning, especially if they have teeth or bite. This one bore no teeth or fangs or stingers... it simply flew peacefully, and I followed.

It lead me to a winding road up on a cliff edge next to water. I then saw a document before me that had my name on it, and a number like 1.2 or something (these are my numbers I see often and synchronistically in real life). I took this to mean a property contract. I then saw another paper that said "beach" very clearly. I then knew that the property would be near the ocean.

I then saw a dog, with brown and black on it, sort of poodle-like (I don't care for poodles much, but this was a mixed-breed with someone else) that might be owned by a lady. I followed this dog and it took me to a house by the water. I saw it in profile, and the front door faced the ocean. It was a fairly large house, very nice. I want to get into multi-family apartments, but have considered a multi-plex, so did not know (having a profile view) if this was one or not, but hoped so.

I then saw a cat's form of a head, and noticed the ears in particular. This is my land animal spirit, primal, and cunning, keen and curious. This is one of my many predator and power animals. It can also denote fear. However, the ears are for hearing (ever watch a cat's ears move when it is listening and paying attention to the sounds it hears? They move around like radar dishes picking up on things people usually miss!).

Now my normal animal spirit (mythological in this case) for RE investing is a type of fire-breathing dragon with wings, which is symbolic for several things I utilize in life towards this goal. However, like the old traditional Chinese beliefs of "dragon bones" (fossilized bones dug out of the earth strata), dragons used to be "real" but were technically remnants of dinosaurs.

In my vision I next saw a T-rex type of standing dino up on a hill, perhaps at a park, which was just bones like in a museum, with the sunset shining through (the sun was literally on the other side shining at me through the bones). I thought of "bare bones" and "solid core" at the same time; however, this part semi-confused me as to its full meaning. Perhaps it, like many symbols and signs I see in dreams or real life, will have a meaning that will come to me later. This happens commonly for me... and these "mystery" symbols often have the most meaning for me since I dwell on them longer and keep them close to my heart until they are revealed at the right time.

After this I had one more vision of being up on the hill/cliff area overlooking the water. I had a view of the ocean before me (I assumed the house was nearby but I did not look), which lay past a sidewalk and bench and wooden arbor and plants that were all carefully placed together as a little created place of rest and beauty. This scene stood for a long while, vivid in detail and beautiful!

Lastly, a dragonfly came to me. This is one of my spirit animals in the insect realm (I have at least one for each realm--only my water animals, the sun star, and manta ray, are not predators, and so they mean "peace" for me--I am also a triple water sign in natal chart astrology, which is not necessarily an easy burden to bear since it means being an HSP (highly sensitive person), quite emotional and deep deep deep feeling. Sometimes my emotions well up like a spring and spill over like flowing water, even love, so I have plenty to share!).

So my dragonfly, although another insect, is a good omen for me, because I have communed with dragonflies (boy are they smart!) and connect well with them. This is also another variance symbol of the "dragon" aspect. All of these animals and types are shadows and symbols of archetypal figures, realize!

So that is my vision for real estate investing. I am looking forward to seeing where this leads me in real life, and how long it takes for me to get there (or perhaps not long at all). I don't know if I will live at this place, or if it is to be a stepping stone. Perhaps both?! Perhaps neither. Perhaps it is a mere symbols of good things to come since my goal is to eventually live by the water (I'd be happy with a lake or other fresh water since I typically prefer fresh water and protective trees to salt water and wind).

No matter what, this vision was an excellent sign for my future!