Thursday, May 30, 2013


Hearts are funny things...

They love abundantly
can be hurt tremendously
can grow
can share
can forgive...

I wish my heart had been wiser sometimes
In the past, and even now...

We live and learn
we fall in love
we fall out of love

Sometimes we love and are betrayed
and are so hurt we close off our heart
until we can move beyond it
and heal...

But then there's that one
who stands above all the rest
and you never know
if that love might be lost one day

It happened to me
and I never thought I could love like that again

Yet I did
I do...

But I don't judge the same way I used to
for if I had done the things
that I once judged others for
I would have considered myself a bad person
or a hypocrite at least

Popular as it may be
Love is not a concept
Dare I say not a feeling?

Love is a decision

Love is a decision to do the right thing
for the person you love
regardless of yourself

Love moves beyond
and manifests great things
and holds dear the wisdom
when it seeks its own kind

This love I hold today
is vast and deep
yet I pray that this one
whom I love
will be as forgiving of me
and will love me to the end

I hope he will decide
to choose
to love me
even if I make mistakes

Even that one time...