Saturday, July 27, 2013


Recently I wrote about a shamanic vision I had when I went "under" and journeyed into the netherworld of my own inner consciousness... in this vision I saw a number of things from white moths to animals, a windy road leading to a house, numbers (1 and 2) and words (beach), and a green grassy hill overlooking ocean water. My question before doing the journey was where I would buy my first property for real estate investing.

So here's the vision I had, and now I know what they mean...

VISION: A moth flying... gentle, with soft off-white wings... it simply flew peacefully, and I followed:

MEANING: This moth has become a symbol of "real estate" to me. It is a "lesser" of the flying insects, meaning not as beautiful as a butterfly, but still beautiful in its own right. After having this vision I started seeing white moths EVERYWHERE! I knew that finding property was imminent! (side note: One day I saw a white moth fly in front of me and land on the road, and a bird (I connect with birds) flew in quickly and nabbed it. I took it as a sign that I needed to nab a property while I could!)

VISION: It lead me to a winding road up on a cliff edge next to water. I then saw a document with the number 1 and 2 next to each other. I took this to mean a property contract. I then saw another paper that said "beach" very clearly. I then knew that the property would be near the ocean. I then saw a dog, with brown and black on it, sort of poodle-like... I followed this dog and it took me to a house by the water:

MEANING: So the winding road up on the hillside associated with a contract with the numbers 1-2, with a view of the beach/ocean was obvious. It was the dog who led me to it. A dog is a messenger, a best friend. My best friend is my business partner in our real estate efforts... in fact, it was he who found a property (among others) online one day as I was talking about staying in a town on the west side of Puget Sound in Washington. So he represents the dog, or vice versa. All the properties he found did not fly, numbers-wise, except that ONE. To get to this city one has to drive all the way south of Seattle, down and around and through Tacoma, and then cross the narrows bridge, and go north a little ways, around a curvy road, and finally to a town called Bremerton. This house, or rather two duplexes (although you really only see one from the side as you approach it), is up on the side of a hill, overlooking the ocean (Puget Sound to be more exact, which is an inlet where ocean water comes in) and beach area down below. I was going to offer $90K for this house, but something in my gut said to offer 120K instead, because it had the "magic numbers" of 1 and 2--in that order--from my vision. Turns out that this offer was lower than the owner wanted, but he said he would accept it if I could bring cash to the table before anyone else closed on it. I had not done this before--searching for hard money, JV (joint venture) partners, or private money for this kind of investment, so I was running around frantically talking to people, following up on leads, going to REAPS meetings (two in one week, which happened to be about hard money lending, and where I learned about "gap" funding). The offer of $120K that I made set me on a path to finding hard money for the deal, which was approved. Ultimately, I had to up it to $130K because the other people were offering full price at $5K above even that, but I could close sooner, so I knew it would fly. Interestingly, concerning the numbers 1,2, the two addresses for the duplexes at the property start with 1201 and 1203.

VISION: I saw it in profile, and the front door faced the ocean. It was a fairly large house, very nice. I want to get into multi-family apartments, but have considered a multi-plex, so did not know (having a profile view) if this was one.

MEANING: I assumed the door was facing the ocean because I did not see the door, and it did not appear to be at the back (right) side either. In fact, the first duplex looks like a standard house, just like in my vision. It is on a hill overlooking the beach/ocean. The front door is not at the front like I assumed, nor is it at the back, but on the non-visible side, in between the two duplexes; however, I was curious in the vision if there were "more" to the "house" and indeed in real life the second duplex is behind the first one. In fact, the front door on that one DOES face the ocean, and the door to the bottom unit is just around the corner on the back side, almost at the front corner, which also faces the ocean. This second duplex is the hidden value that I could not see in the vision of just arriving to the property. So far every part of my vision has come true...

VISION: I then saw a cat's form of a head, and noticed the ears in particular. This is my land animal spirit, primal, and cunning, keen and curious. This is one of my many predator and power animals. It can also denote fear. However, the ears are for hearing (ever watch a cat's ears move when it is listening and paying attention to the sounds it hears? They move around like radar dishes picking up on things people usually miss!).

MEANING: I kept my ear to the ground, listened to every lead I could, and followed up. I also now have this property under contract and am within about 2 weeks of closing on it! I have to say that it's both fun and exciting, but also a little scary! I think the cat spirit fits this scenario well here. Cats are also my power animal, despite feeling a little fear, and just the other day a strange cat walked up to me and sat in my lap, so I pet him a while.

VISION: In my vision I next saw a T-rex type of standing dino up on a hill, perhaps at a park, which was just bones like in a museum, with the sunset shining through (the sun was literally on the other side shining at me through the bones). I thought of "bare bones" and "solid core" at the same time; however, this part semi-confused me as to its full meaning.

MEANING: I would not have understood this if it were not what happened to me today while I was at the property. I had to show the 4-plex to two contractors to obtain bids for the immense amount of work that needs to be done to rehab the property. So the day is sunny, and one guy comes and leaves 2 1/2 hrs later, and then after lunch another guy comes with his girlfriend and her little 3-yr old daughter, and they wait while I spend time showing him around. Then after we talk in-depth about the property he decides to start taking measurements, making floorplan drawings with notes, and the day drags on. I step outside to get some water out of my car, and the little girl--totally bored to death--and her mother are standing on the porch area above the hilltop where the 4-plex stands, and the mother tells the little girl to show me the little "animals" she has in her pockets. She had trouble pulling one out, so I reach down and pull one out that is sticking slightly out of the edge, and I ask about it.... what is it? A T-rex shaped dinosaur, but it is only bones! The afternoon was getting late, and I stood there in the sun holding this thing, not even remembering my vision of the dinosaur bones from my shamanic journey! It wasn't until I got home today and reread what I had written before about the vision, that I realized what this was! As it turns out, this contractor is the same guy I had already decided in my head that I would likely hire. The "bare bones" and "solid core" are not just about the dinosaur toy, but also about the 4-plex, because this place has been totally gutted, and is just the "core" of the building, stripped of everything inside. It needs everything from heaters, paint, flooring, windows, interior and exterior doors, some roof repair, electrical work, etc.

VISION: After this I had one more vision of being up on the hill/cliff area overlooking the water. I had a view of the ocean before me (I assumed the house was nearby but I did not look), which lay past a sidewalk and bench and wooden arbor and plants that were all carefully placed together as a little created place of rest and beauty. This scene stood for a long while, vivid in detail and beautiful!

MEANING: If you stand in between the two buildings, just below the porch, you are on the edge of hill that slopes down toward the trees at the edge of the property. Two weeks ago this grass was very green, although today I noticed it was brown from lack of water in the heat wave we've been having, since the current owner has not been watering it. I was realizing today, as I walked around outside, that this was the very spot I saw the bench and arbor and plants in my vision. I stood there thinking about how it overlooked the ocean, although the view of the water from this property partially concealed. In fact, I figured where the bench would be put, if I so chose to build one and put a wooden arbor in... when I stood in the very spot where the bench FELT like it needed to be, I looked up and there was the beautiful ocean view from that very spot! It is also important to note that this whole vision is a FUTURE vision of what is TO BE... not just the journey of what I am currently working on buying, but that I have not given up and have continued to pursue it against all odds (believe me I wanted to give up several times from frustration on finding funding, and not knowing what in the heck I was doing some of the time!), simply because I had a vision of it. When I have visions, they happen. The vision of what is "meant to be" kept me going. I know what this property is supposed to look like in the future... for in my vision it is painted beautifully, NOT as it is now... ugly as sin... the bare bones core of a structure needing tons of work.

VISION: Lastly, a dragonfly came to me... it is a good omen for me, because I have communed with dragonflies (boy are they smart!) and connect well with them. This is also another variance symbol of the "dragon" aspect (dinosaurs are also "dragons" in Chinese mythology).

MEANING: This part of the vision is still a mystery to me, and probably has to do with the completion of this project. A dragonfly landed on my nose the other day while I was swimming in the lake, lying on my back floating. I guess it thought I was an island, or a lily pad of sorts. Dragonflies are good omens for me. They are predators, and they fly in the air, and so they represent both power and freedom to me, and they are beautiful, which is what this property is going to be when I am done with it.

This vision was an excellent sign for my future, indeed!