Wednesday, October 16, 2013


In honor of my love
who is my greatest supporter
especially in all the "little things"...

You are my Sugar Daddy
the one I prayed for
who came at the exact right time
and saved me
from myself

Thank you for getting me
for taking me
and keeping me

No matter what happens
You always come through for me

Because of you
my spirit is willing
to listen
to reflect
to submit to your truth
to allow your energy
to lead us
through to the end

You take care
of yourself
and you take care
of me

All the little things
basic needs
I need
are supported
so that I can focus
on the bigger things
that need to be done
for us

Thank you my love
Thank you for your support
and your reliability
your sweet spirit
and gentleness
and regal flair
that stands out above and beyond
all others

Thank you
I appreciate you
and am grateful for you

My love
my man
my Sugar Daddy

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