Saturday, November 23, 2013


This deep longing waits patiently
like the taproots of a thousand weeping willows
saddened and hanging down
by time and growth
seeking out light above
yet can only reach toward the ground...

Weariness sets in
and hopes float down like leaves falling in autumn
as I wait for my love
to be by my side
and for me to be by his
stuck in one place for too long...

Down I fall, unable to see
My vision blurs, and the focus is asleep
like slowly awaking from the anesthetic of life
and dreams to come
which pass through time
and so I lie here unable to move...

Then a shadow comes by
a tall figure cloaked in black
a long coat touches the ground
and he walks around my prone body
and I think it is Death himself
but my curiosity gets the best of me...

I reach out to know
I seek solace and understanding
since I cannot see the truth
and touch the hem of his coat
and my hand can feel his ankle
hard and rough, for it is bone and flesh...

Not a dream, but living flesh
and a voice from above this reality
speaks out to me, in gentleness
"Everything is going to be okay;
I love you very much."
And I realize it is he whom I've been waiting for...

This man of mystery
shrouded in the complications of life
and simple desires that string us along
and wire us together in love
stands before me, for he has come
and I no longer have to be alone. He is here...

Breaking through the gateway
and obstacles overcome
so that once close enough
one can see the opening
and the sinews of promises kept, remain
and the willows no longer weep, except for joy!