Wednesday, June 18, 2014


The first year, nary a harsh word, all things smooth, and and perfect... Too perfect. Finally the arguments, and later finding how to fight right. What to do, what not to do, how to judge and when to stop. Expectations of taking it all, and loving through to forever. Now it is interesting, with 94% going without a bump, and the 6% being extreme. I like these imperfections... These perfect flaws that I cherish. How your character comes through, and your heart's desire shines forth. How your darkest side cracks open all preconceptions, and guts spill out in an array sprayed like spatter in a crime scene. There are subtleties too... How jealousy was never a part of this relationship, yet you hoard my attention, and adore my adoration of you. You want what you want, and get it too! I comply, happy to make you happy; pleased to please you. Thrilled that you are selfish of our time together, and that you are excited about our plans. Your selfishness over me is a perfect imperfection. I am so glad our love and expectations together are mutual... Thank you love, for being the true blue you.