Saturday, August 23, 2014


In the gardens of life
the weeds of old habits do grow
choking, choking, choking out
the tender growth of true value

Yet, behold, the weeds
can be choked out as well
by nurturing the beauty of life
and nipping the weeds in the bud

Choke out the weeds
before they get out of hand
or grow to thick proportions
stalks and stems woody
dropping their seed into the earth
growing wildly from year to year
unkempt, untamed, undisciplined

Choke out the weeds
cut them off early
to allow the beauty of real pleasures
and a life fantastic with abundance
to flourish and fruit

Behold, the weeds
can be choked out by way
of right choices
of listening
of paying attention
of learning
of respecting others
of obeying authority
of following the rules
of asking and not taking
of not acting out of selfishness
of being humble
of shutting your mouth
of watching
of making new habits
of creating
of manifesting
of making a new life
of being on the spiritual path
new growth
new everything

Yes, it hurts to choke out old weeds
Yes, it is worth the bounty reaped to do so
Yes, yes, yes...

Choke away, for I shall live abundantly!