Monday, September 28, 2015


It is because we are three parts in one that I must make this change.
We are three parts in one person--body, mind, and spirit.
Body is the physical reality of our being.
Mind is the soul, or thinking and feeling and emotional and personality part of our being.
Spirit is the higher energy that was before, and will continue, beyond our birth and death.
Spirit is energy. No more, no less. It is the energy that follows the rules of being... the laws of nature.

"Energy can neither be created nor destroyed"
It merely changes forms, when we are conceived, and grow, and are birthed and live, and grow old and die.

Everything in between is filled with spirit (energy) of life, from quantum physics and dimensional realms, to inner nature and higher nature, collective consciousness and super-consciousness, sometimes an inner knowing that comes from somewhere else.

Everything in between is filled with soulical aspects of learning and feeling, sorrow and rejoicing, speaking and knowing, choosing and acting in deliberate ways, and grasping intuition.

Everything in between is filled with physical reality of pain and feeling healthy, feeding our bodies with nutrition for growth or starving ourselves, sex and touch, tasting and hearing, seeing and smelling, all senses taking in the physical world by our physical bodies.

But all of these three parts... the body, mind/soul, and spirit/energy... are one being.
When one is changed, the others are affected.
When having problems in one area, change another, and the rest will follow.
Everything is connected.
Nothing exists by itself.
The three are one... whether we think so or not, it works.
This is why I had the epiphany of dark and negative thoughts having two sources... the body, and the mind, for the spirit is light and is without error.
The body may be weakened by viruses or bacteria, causing illness, even mental illness, so science now establishes this. I read about this within two hours after having the epiphany, based on my own experiences and the pattern I saw.
Negative thoughts and old habits that feel out of your control may be a result of something that happened long ago, even in the womb, or childhood. Rehashing memories or habits dig the groove deeper. Meds may help, but will it solve it?
The other part is nature, soulical nature, that allows us to put mind over matter. Choice. Everything is a choice. Many times people have a breakdown before their choice is made, but once they choose, whether by their own will or not, things improve. Focus on spiritual first. Every morning. Every night. Keep yourself accountable. Pray or read or worship.
The mind will follow, and in time the body will repair itself.
This is why I must make the change in my own life.
This is why healing must be what was before "natural" for me to continue thoughts that are not right.
I noticed that when my thoughts went one direction, it would manifest in some way very soon afterwards... perhaps not in the way I wanted, but definitely the negative energy.
A virtual "spanking" made into a punishment of reality, of some sort or another.
Until I knew better and did it anyway, and the result was more severe than I could take.
So it brakes the will, and refocuses the desire.
The consequence is that my spirit will lead, my mind will embrace and manifest, and my body and life will follow.
It has to, for everything is connected.
We are not separate from our three parts.
We are made up of all of them, together.
Fix one, and you fix the rest.
It may take time, but be vigilant and improvements are inevitable.
Seek healing. Real healing. Believe it.
To overcome what was before, unattainable.

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