Monday, May 9, 2016


I realized something important about respecting women tonight. I was with friends this evening, riding in the backseat of their car, and witnessed this (I will not name names)... a huge firetruck with lights flashing and sirens sounding was heading our direction in the opposite lane (separated by a median). The driver (a male) of the car we were riding in was evidently watching the firetruck, but didn't realize the vehicle in front of us had stopped completely. My friend in the front passenger seat (a lady) saw that we were barreling forward toward the back of the SUV and were about to slam into it, so she yelled, "Watch it! Watch it!" and her boyfriend (the driver) hit the brakes so hard the wheels screeched, and the car turned somewhat sideways as we veered into the next lane over.

He freaked out, screaming at her that she scared him by yelling out like that. She said we were going to have an accident because he wasn't paying attention. He said he would rather have an accident than to hear her “backseat driving,” and that he hated when people yell out like that because it scared him. He then said, "I should have slammed into them so that it hit on your side." I couldn't believe my ears... she just saved his car from being in an accident by alerting him to the stopped SUV in front of us, and he was blaming her for doing so, and claiming he wished to hurt her instead of being informed by her yelling out the warning. Seriously?!

Does this man (who cares so much about his car that he doesn't ever want anyone to slam the doors) really want to hurt his girlfriend and put her life in danger? If he cares about the car so much, but not as much as he wishes to see her harmed, then what does that say about their relationship and his respect and love for her? I think that it shows there is none. That a person would put his ego of not being ‘backseat driven’ above the care and safety of another is ludicrous to me. Shameful. Alarming. Disgusting. Infantile.

I witnessed this same guy later act huffy around his own mother (on Mother’s Day, mind you), and his brother (whom we went to meet) yelled at their mom, “All you did was yap all evening and it pissed me off.” It was Mother’s Day--she was happy and may have talked a lot because of that (I was glad she was happy so didn’t mind). This guy yelled at her like this on a special day, and I’m betting he has done it on lots of other occasions too, same as the first brother (the one from the car). I witnessed in that family this evening an utmost disrespect for their mother and girlfriend, and I lost all respect for them because of it. It was truly a disgusting scene. Such contempt for women because there is no respect for their mother. Bad relationships tend to reproduce themselves. I am so glad I have such a great relationship with my parents!

It flows over ladies and gentlemen, into time and other people... I feel sorry for my friend (the lady) if she stays as the girlfriend to any man in that family... because however a man treats his mother is how he will treat his girlfriend and especially his future wife. Pay attention! Don’t ever be with men like this ladies... it will be a lifetime battle of wills with their egos. There is no love in this kind of behavior. You will always be blamed and made into the ‘bad guy’ and never will do anything right in their eyes. You will never be considered an equal, nor will you be loved as you deserve.

Just saying. I witnessed it this evening... it could be anyone... it could be you... it could even be me.

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