Monday, June 20, 2016


In the future...
In the future our world will look very different. Things will change. People will change first, and therefore governing bodies will change. Laws will be adopted and structural violence will not be tolerated. Global society and global citizenship will be the norm. Love will replace fear, and differences between people will be celebrated instead of being a source of contention. Unity in diversity and unity between religions will be the standard. A common spiritual acceptance will be the goal of every heart, and healing and growth of individuals will be the focus. Sicknesses will still occur but medical science will advance to the point where even aging will slow, and people will live in tune with nature rather than against it. Everyone will have basic needs taken care of as a human right... clean unadulterated water, a basic income to subsist on, a basic net positive green home, low-cost non-profit universal health care, real organic food grown locally that is GMO-free and where companies like Monsanto no longer exist. The disparities between the super rich and the poor will be overcome and not allowed. Utility companies will be non-profit and small-scale energy production will join a network of free and abundant energy so no monopolies will exist. No one will own land or the earth, but will share in its care as the greater goal. Travel without energy-consuming and polluting vehicles will be commonplace, and trips to other cities, countries, and even planets via walk-through portals will be everywhere. Learning and higher education will be free and ignorance will be eradicated, producing a society of learned people as a whole who take the time working to improve the arts and sciences equally towards the same ends. All languages will still be spoken, but one auxiliary language will unite the world in communication and goal setting. All peoples and cultures will have concensus for global peace, and they will rise together and quash any small group or people who try to interfere or bring war or injury. There will only be one currency and it will barely be needed, and mostly resource-based. There will only be one governmental ruling body that unites all countries and laws and the people will be its rulers together. The world of the future is unified and bright and full of inspiration and hope and promise. It will happen not because of fears, but because of love for humanity and a higher purpose being recognized and all life being honored. This change will only happen without because it first happens within. The change comes from within people first, and the rest follows. Until that day, individually or collectively, the changes we see in the world are hard pressed in coming. People are still attached to hate and fear, and are afraid of that future, or their neighbors, or other religions, or sexual orientation, or even this vision of a more perfect future. Those people will not live to see that future, for they choose the present state that is around them now, and are attached to it. But once let go, with love, kindness, compassion, justice, peace, and visions of that future world becoming all-embracing, then it will fruit and be accomplished. The change starts now. It starts with what we strive for and dare to believe in. It starts within. It starts with us.

Monday, June 6, 2016


I learned a long time ago that talking calmly and knowing ahead what you want to say to someone in an important conversation is the KEY to having success. I discussed the topic of porn addiction with someone in this manner yesterday and there was an admitted problem, and they agreed that it was an obsession and that they planned to stop. It was an amazing breakthrough and went so smoothly. No fighting, nor blaming or arguing. Just an adult conversation that I guided.

Today I heard about an opposite occurrence that happened. A lady I know had gone out with the husband and mother-in-law for dinner the night before at a pub, for a beer and hamburger. She wore jeans, slip on shoes, and a nice blouse. The next morning her husband yelled at her for being a "slob" because she wore jeans, which "wasn't professional" (realize they were going to a pub, not a business meeting). He was demeaning and had never said anything the evening before, when it actually happened. He was mad at her for something else the next morning and then blew up with blaming and criticizing. This is NOT how to handle discussions about any topic, whether negligible or important.

Intentional discussions are:
kept in a low even tone
direct but not demeaning
without name calling
handled at the proper time
kept to the topic
firm but kind
planned ahead (agree on a time for the discussion beforehand)
no blaming allowed

Seek help if you are in a situation where you cannot seem to have an adult conversation with someone in this manner. It takes practice, and it has to be intentional. Remember the Bible verse, "A kindly tongue turneth away wrath."