Wednesday, April 12, 2017


King Leary sat upon his throne, with his wife, Queen Sabbatha by his side on her throne. "We need to expand our kingdom, my dear!" the king exclaimed, always excited to have more. So, in her great skill and knowledge Queen Sabbatha took leave of her throne to talk with the king's advisors and builders, and formulated a plan, which pleased king Leary.

However, upon her return the queen discovered a woman from the neighboring country sitting on her throne, and the king had put here there, saying they were merely there for friendship, but Queen Sabbatha started searching and found a gift in the king's chamber showing that the woman Justina had sent secret love notes to him from before her arrival, and wrote thank-you's for his love he showed her in return.

The queen was livid, but knew her power, and so packed her things and left the king to work on expanding the kingdom himself, knowing full well that he did not know how to do this or even how to organize his builders and the plan, nor would this woman be able to stay on her throne since she was due back to her foreign land, nor did the woman Justina--however beautiful--possess the queen's talents to do what the king wanted for his kingdom. Immediately after the queen's departure, the king was incredibly sad and worried so sent his messengers to request the queen to return home, but she refused to respond for a fortnight.

After the king became ill from heartbreak and begged for his wife's return multiple times, saying he had sent Justina away for good, the queen decided it was time to go back home and help the king to finally expand the kingdom. It was her kingdom too, after all, and only she had the legal and ethical right to her throne. She also had no remorse for her king's emotional suffering; as far as she was concerned he brought it on himself. Had she been removed without her choice, she had rights to half the kingdom, and King Leary was aware of this as well. No woman was going to usurp Queen Sabbatha's throne for she had the upper hand all along.